In addition to contemporary music, duo ovocutters also includes expressive works for two keyboards of the baroque and classical period as well as interesting and innovative arrangements of 20th century harpsichord or accordion concerts (such as Manuel de Falla, Francis Poulenc, Junge etc...).

"in the beginning was the end"

The arc of this program spans contemporary works from the years 1980-2015, which largely emerged on the initiative by the duo Ovocutters. The program is constantly expanding and the compilation varies, opening new perspectives on the individual works and making them a diverse experience. Here experimental premieres have their place as well as regular reproductions and representative solo works..

"flight beyond the time"

This program contrasts contemporary works for accordion and harpsichord with selected compositions of the repertoire for "two pianos" from the baroque and early classical period. The term "clavier" is used here in the sense of "keyboard instrument", which (always based on historical performance rules) makes the inclusion of any keyboard instrument, as well as the accordion, possible and desirable. A tribute to the common features of accordion and harpsichord - and enrichment not only to the accordion repertoire, but also to our listening habits. Works of young Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, the Spaniard Antonio Soler and Francis Poulenc are combined and connected to works of the 21st century, which arose on the suggestion of "harpsichord perspectives".

Works dedicated to duo ovocutters:

Robert Wildling
(*1972, Villach/Austria)
"Les miroirs sans silhouettes" [2007/8]
Christoph Breidler
(*1986, Graz/Austria)
"9 Sachen" (9 things) [2009]
Georg Gottschamel
(*1963, Klagenfurt/Austria)
"Silent Waves" [2009]
Dietmar Hellmich
(*1976, Graz/Austria)
"Kammermusik Nr. 10" (Chamber Music No.10 [2010]
Renato Miani
(*1965, Udine/Italy)
"Clavikordeon" [2010]
Manuela Kerer
(*1980, Brixen/South Tyrol)
"Ein vomeronasales Organ zog aus und traf ein Pheromon" (a vomeronasal organ moved out and met a pheromone) [2010]
Sylvie Lacroix
(*1959, Lyon/France)
Suite "Les Poetesses" [2013]
suite lyrique pour clavecin et accordéon - Ingeborg Bachmann
Fernando Riederer
(*1976, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil)
"Sho II" [2013]
Jaime Wolfson Reyes
(*1974, Puebla/Mexico)
"3 Postkarten" (3 postcards) [2014]
Šimon Vosecek
(*1978, Prague/Czech Republic)
"Schlamm" (mud) [2015]
Matthias Kranebitter
(*1980, Vienna/Austria)
"nihilistic study 13 to 14" [2015]
Se-Lien Chuang
(*1965, Taiwan)
"for ovocutters" [2015]
Dana Probst
(*1961, Bucarest/Romania)
"Alegria" [2016]
Jimmie LeBlanc
(*1977, Canada)
"lignes d'ombre" [2011/2016]
Katharina Klement
(*1963, Graz/Austria)
"N.N." [2016]
Ming Wang
(*1962, Taipei/Taiwan)
"N.N." [2016]
Wolfgang Liebhart
(*1958, Klagenfurt/Austria)
"N.N." [2016]
Ying Wang
(*1976, Shanghai/China)
"N.N." [2016]
Grzegorz Pieniek
(*1982, Poland)
"N.N." [2016]
Peter Jakober
(*1977, Austria)
"N.N." [2016]

Furthermore in repertoire:

Yukiko Watanabe
(*1983, Nagano/Japan)
"kAtaMarI" [2011/2012] for Harpsichord and Sho (Accordion)
Lee Hope
(*1953, Canada)
"in the beginning was the end" [1989]
Leonid Bashmakov
(*1927, Finnland)
"7 inventiota harmonikalle ja cembalolle" [1985]
Francis Poulenc
(1899-1963, Paris/France)
"Concerte Champêtre" [1927/28] for Harpsichord and Piano (Arr. Accordion)
Manuel de Falla
(1876-1946, Argentina)
"Concerto per Clavicembalo" [1926]
Antonio Soler
(1729-1783, Spain)
"Concerto No. 6 in D Major"

Solo - "harpsichord prospects":

Julia Purgina
(*1980, Austria)
"Lunarium" [2011] for Harpsichord solo
Renato Miani
(*1965, Italy)
"Strada alta di San Giovanni" [2012] for Harpsichord solo
Thomas Amann
(*1978, Austria)
"folded miniature" [2012] for Harpsichord solo
Bruno Strobl
(*1949, Austria)
"Er-Innern" [2012] for Harpsichord solo and devices
Elisabeth Harnik
(*1970, Austria)
"Noisy Pearls" [2015] for Harpsichord
Reinhard Fuchs
(*1974, Austria)
"Feodora" [2007] for Accordion

More ensemble pieces:

Bernhard Lang
(*1957, Austria)
"Monadologie XXIX" [2014]
for: "airborne extended" (Caroline Mayrhofer, Recorder; Doris Nicoletti, Flute; Gudrun Hartner, Harp & Sonja Leipold, Harpsichord)
Pia Palme
(*1957, Austria)
"but still attached to life at all four corners" [2013]
for: "les roses sauvages" (Sylvie Lacroix, Traverse Flute; Eva Neunhäuserer, Viola da Gamba; Sonja Leipold, Harpsichord & Lore Lixenberg, Voice; Pia Palme, elektronics, Bernd Thurner, Percussion)
Sylvie Lacroix (*1959, France)"... hing ein Traum" [2014]
for "les roses sauvages" (Sylvie Lacroix, Traverse Flute; Eva Neunhäuserer, Viola da Gamba; Sonja Leipold, Harpsichord)

Awards and recognitions:

2007Carinthian Scholarship for Music (Christoph Hofer)
2009Austrian ministry of culture - award & scholarship for "Cembaloperspektiven"
2011 International harpsichord competition Bologna/Italy "Annelie de Man" - award for contemporary harpsichord music
2012"Annelie de Man" - award for contemporary harpsichord music in den Bosch/The Netherlands (November Music Days)
2013Carinthian Scholarship for Music (Sonja Leipold)
2015selected for "New Austrian Sound of Music" 2016/17 (NASOM) official Austrian cultural ambassador 2016/17