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Duo for keyboard music of the past - and above all - now

Ovocutters dedicate themselves to the unusual and inspiring combination of accordion and harpsichord with exciting, expressive music. The award winning duo draws from the vast wealth of charming, but rarely heard works for two keyboard instruments of yesteryear as well as works of today and tomorrow.

In order to explore the development and varieties of current music "duo ovocutters" is regularly commissioning and premiering works and working with young composers from all over Europe. Thus, in a process of mutual inspiration, new music comes into existence - experimental, idiosyncratic, humorous, pensive, mysterious, silent, new and curious, inaudible, unusual and extraordinary. .

The often underestimated harpsichord, re-established in the old music is slowly but steadily gaining its place in the contemporary music world. While the accordion can be found everywhere from classical to contemporary music to jazz, it is more tolerated than celebrated. Ovocutters join these two instruments that could not be more different in their sound producing and aesthetics, but contrast and supplement each other absolutely wonderfully. The fusion of such contrasting sound qualities gives space to composer as well as artist to experiment and opens unfamiliar and fascinating soundscapes to the listener.

Sonja Leipold and Christoph Hofer, both interested in contemporary art in all of its varieties, began playing together in 2006 in various ensembles for chamber music and interdisciplinary projects. In 2007 Christoph Hofer received the highly regarded Carinthian Scholarship for Music for "Accordion Plus", a program to promote and extend the contemporary accordion repertoire. It was at the time, when Sonja Leipold was intensively exploring the fascinating contemporary harpsichord repertoire that the idea of combining accordion and harpsichord emerged .